Hey Kayla this is perfect for you by delatastey

Hey Kayla this is perfect for you
by delatastey

Hey Kayla why not buy some personalised gear with your name on it.

That’s right Kayla we think your name is so awesome that you need some personalised gear with it on.Our personal favourites are:

  1. A travel mug so your coffee shop doesn’t forget your name
  2. A normal mug so your colleagues stop stealing your stuff
  3. A duvet cover…..because it’s your bed and you should own it
  4. A personalised phone cover as you and your friends all own the same damn phone!
  5. T-shirt or hoodies for your whole squad
  6. Failing that you can just buy a sticker to put anywhere you want!

We’ll let you into a little secret, even if your name isn’t Kayla but you know somebody called this then this is just the perfect gift or present for them.

from Funny: Recent Gifts & Merchandise https://www.redbubble.com/people/delatastey/works/32200627-hey-kayla-this-is-perfect-for-you

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