Stop Killing The Mandem by thehiphopshop

Stop Killing The Mandem
by thehiphopshop

Y’know, all lives matter but right now people are perpetrating against black people, worldwide
Is what I’m saying
And I’m just glad that the people can come together
Liaise, march, sing songs
That’s it, make the world know that people over here care as well
Ya get what I’m saying

Crime don’t have a skintone
Would you wanna kill or hurt your own?
No didn’t think so
Listen up when your inner voice says no
Bro, look at your soul
Don’t like me your eyes on a window
Yo, give me an answer
Why would you kill someone you don’t know?
I’m a black boy from London so I only know black boy business
Trust in God my witness
Young black boys get got with the quickness
Still wanna know why this is cause bredrin I am not a victim (I’m not)
Until I get answers I’m gonna be on the roadside screaming

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