Orgasm Art Meme – Sasha’s Tail by krossbait

Orgasm Art Meme - Sasha's Tail
by krossbait

Orgasm Art Memes on a variety of goodies decorated with by yours truly. Designed to titillate while making you smile with guilty pleasure.

Perfect to shock those who need a good shocking.

Do not hesitate, you deserve to be noticed and stand out of the crowd.

Browse through our selection of clothes and accessories like cell phone covers, pillows, beach towels, portraits and coffee mugs.

Suspend your disbelief and make the statement that you have always wanted to make.

Act quickly and buy before the Powers That Be shut us down for good! This is your only chance to get your greedy little paws on these goodies.

Yes, you have heard me right – we have already been threatened with closure because apparently we got right in the faces of those didn’t like it too much.

from Drugs: Recent Gifts & Merchandise

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